Sodium fluoride can be prepared with soda ash

- Jun 25, 2018-

Soda Ash suspension method is based on alkali and sodium fluorosilicate compared with the neutralization method, the product quality can reach the national reagent standards, and the cost is only 44.9% of the neutralization method, so the use of the soda suspension method, our company The process conditions such as the ratio of ingredients, reaction time, reaction temperature, and the amount of wash water were discussed. In particular, the key steps in the process were improved, providing a new way to separate sodium fluoride from silica gel.

Sodium silicate is a type of polysilicate, and its properties change with the modulus. Based on this feature, we have improved the key steps in the process and explored a new approach to the separation of soda ash. Silica gel can be converted to soluble silicates for separation from sodium fluoride.