Calcium Silicate Thermal Insulation Production Process

- Jun 25, 2018-

Lime is added with water to digest it, filtered through three sieves, put into a storage tank, and sent to the mixing tank with a mud pump, mixed with diatomaceous earth, water glass, asbestos (or other fibers) and water, and then pumped. The mixed thick liquid is sent to the gel drum to heat the gel, sent to the intermediate homogenization tank, and then sent to the hydraulic press for forming. The wet product after molding is autoclaved and hardened by the autoclave, and then sent to the The drying room is dried and dehydrated, and the finished product is put into storage after the quality inspection. The entire process can be divided into: lime digestion, mixing ingredients, heating gel, pressure molding, autoclave hardening, and dry dehydration. The molding process of calcium silicate products is divided into casting molding and press molding. Casting molding, mold is relatively simple, low production costs, but the steamed products must go through the plastic stage, there are still structural unevenness, the phenomenon of incomplete shape; press molding, need special presses and expensive molds, but After steaming, the products are complete in shape and uniform in structure.