Nickel Acetate Fire Protection

- Jun 25, 2018-

Hazardous characteristics: in the event of fire, high heat and flammable, its powder and air can form an explosive mixture. When it reaches a certain concentration, it will explode in the event of Mars. The toxic gases are liberated by high heat.

Hazardous combustion products: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nickel oxide.

Fire-fighting methods: Firefighters must wear gas masks and fire at the windwards outside the safe distance. Extinguishing agents: water spray, foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, sand.

Emergency treatment: Isolation of leaking contaminated areas, restricted access, cut off sources of fire, emergency handling personnel are advised to wear dust masks, wear protective clothing, do not directly contact with spills, small spills: Avoid dust, be careful to sweep, transfer in bags To a safe place. A large number of leaks: collected and recycled or shipped to waste disposal sites for disposal.