Coblalt Nitrate

Coblalt Nitrate

Red monoclinic crystal columnar crystal, density:1.87g/cm3, freely soluble in water, ethanol, acetone and methyl acetate, slightly soluble in ammonia water.
Mainly used as catalyzer material in chemical industry, antitoxic for cyanide, reagent for antitoxic, colorant in ceramic industry and material for paint drier.
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Product Description: 

The Cobalt Nitrate Hexahydrate is red prismatic crystal, which is easy to deliquesce, soluble in water and acid. It is mainly used as pigments, catalysts and in the ceramic industry. It will cause shortness of breath, cough, etc. after inhalation. Oral will cause abdominal pain and vomiting. It is inorganic oxidants that promote the fire of any incinerator in a fire.
Formula: Co (NO3)2·6H2O
CAS No.: 10026-22-9
M.W.: 291.04
Properties: Red monoclinic crystal columnar crystal, density: 1.87g/cm3, freely soluble in water, ethanol, acetone and methyl acetate, slightly soluble in ammonia water.

Application: The Cobalt Nitrate Hexahydrate is mainly used as a catalyst raw material in the chemical industry, an antidote for cyanide poisoning, a sodium cobalt hexa nitrite and a reagent for the determination of potassium. It is also used in the ceramic industry as a coloring agent, paint catalysing agent and raw materials for the manufacture of cobalt naphthenate.

Storage: Store in a cool, ventilating place. Prevent package from breaking and deliquescing
Packing: 25kg net, Paper/PE complex bags with double PE inners.

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