Ethylidene-4-Nitrophenyl-a-D-Maltoheptaoside for Biochemical Testing

Ethylidene-4-Nitrophenyl-a-D-Maltoheptaoside for Biochemical Testing

Properties: white or colorless crystal; transparent and right angle prism if anhydrous and without sharp end; not corrosive to glass if absolutely dry; freely soluble in water and slightly in alcohol; melting point: 384°C.
Application: Analysis reagent; electrochemical process.
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Product Details

We have been engaged in the CAS:13770-89-3, CAS:1341-49-7, Ammonium fluoroborat industry for a long time, and has accumulated a lot of service experience. We have established a good reputation and perfect after-sales service system in terms of products and sales. We are very willing to provide complete systematic solutions for customers according to their specific requirements. In the future, we will open up larger domestic and overseas markets, expand the scale of partners and grow together with many partners. We promote product innovation and management innovation to achieve sustainable development of the enterprise with innovation.

Product Description: 

The Sodium Fluoroborate is used in the textile printing and dyeing industry as a 2D (dimethylol dihydroxyethylene urea) resin finishing catalyst, as an oxidation inhibitor for medium and long fiber fabrics, and as a grit agent for aluminum and magnesium alloy casting in the refining of non-ferrous metals. It can also be used in electrochemical processes, coatings, fluorinating agents, etc. It is white or colorless crystal, transparent, rectangular prisms with no water, and its tip is blunt. It is soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol.

Formula: NaBF4
CAS No: 13755-29-8
M.W: 109.81
Properties: white or colorless crystal, transparent and right angle prism if anhydrous and without sharp end, not corrosive to glass if absolutely dry, freely soluble in water and slightly in alcohol, melting point: 384°C

Specification: (%)

NaBF498% min
Cl0.05% max
Fe0.05% max
Pb0.004% max
SiO20.3% max
SO40.01% max


The Sodium Fluoroborate can be used in food commodities to prevent organic acid attack. It can also be used for tin-plated copper wire, electroforming shells for industrial or household appliances, and electroplating baths for tin and tin alloys,resin finishing agent for textile printing and dyeing, metal particle size improver for non-ferrous metals and refining flux, aluminum and magnesium alloy casting grit.

Packing: 25Kg net, pack sealed with double plastic bags lined plastic woven bags.
Storage: Store at dry and ventilating place, avoid damp and keep away from food and acid.

Hazardous details:

UN No.: 3260
Class: 8
Packing: II

In order to continue to enhance our Ethylidene-4-Nitrophenyl-a-D-Maltoheptaoside for Biochemical Testing and provide more sophisticated features and performance, we actively introduce and learn from advanced technologies. We are fully aware of our customer's needs. In the face of the information industry revolution in the new century, our company always adheres to the quality policy of 'quality is with me, customers are in my heart'.
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