Fluozirconic Acid 45% Min Industrial Grade

Fluozirconic Acid 45% Min Industrial Grade

Properties: Colourless and transparent liquid; soluble in water and ethanol, It is a kind of strong acid.
Application: It is used to produce fuorozicnate salts, steady reagent and electroanalysis industry.
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Product Description 

The Fluozirconic Acid is a colorless, transparent liquid that is acidic and has a specific gravity of about 1.48. At room temperature, when the concentration exceeds 42%, it precipitates. 

Formula: H2ZrF6
CAS No.: 12021-95-3
M.W: 207.22
Properties: Colourless and transparent liquid, soluble in water and ethanol, a kind of strong acid.


H2ZrF645% min
SO40.03% max
Fe0.05% max
As0.005% max
Cu0.005% max
HF0.5% max

Application: The Fluozirconic Acid is used to produce fuorozicnate salts, steady reagent and in electroanalysis industry. It can be used as raw materials for zirconium compound, magnesium aluminum alloys, catalysts, steel and non-ferrous metal alloys, as well as atomic energy industry and advanced electrical materials, refractory materials, electric vacuum technology materials, optical glass materials, pyrotechnics, ceramics, enamel and glass production.

Storage: Store at a dry place hermetically, keep cool and ventilated, prevent damp, keep away from food and acid.
Packing: Net 250Kg net, sealed plastic drum or net 1250kg IBC drum.

Hazardous details:
UN No.: 3264
Class: 8
Packing: II

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