Oxalic Acid 99.6%Min White Crystal for Industrial Grade

Oxalic Acid 99.6%Min White Crystal for Industrial Grade

Properties: White crystals, soluble in water,dissolved in alcohol.
Application: It is used for electron and glaze color of ceramics.
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Ammonium Fluorozirconate

The white needles do not absorb moisture and crystallize, which is stable in the air. When you are hot, you don't lose weight and the crystals are hard. The relative density is 3.48. The temperature of 840 ° C. Soluble in water, insoluble in ammonia. Potassium fluorozirconate can be reduced by aluminum at a high temperature to obtain metal zirconium.

Formula: (NH4)2ZrF6
CAS No: 16919-31-6
M.W: 241.29
Properties: White crystals, soluble in water, dissolved in alcohol.


Assay [(NH4)2ZrF6]98.0% min
Cl0.2% max 
SO40.02% max
Fe0.02% max

Application: It is used for electron and glaze color of ceramics. Adding to chromic acid solution can improve the corrosion resistance of metals such as zinc and lead, and is used in the production of ceramics and glass. 

Storage: Store at dry and ventilating place, avoid damp and keep away from food and acid..

Packing: in net 25kg bags.

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