Phenol CAS No 108-95-2

Phenol CAS No 108-95-2

Properties: Colorless and transparent liquid; highly acidic; capable of being mixed with water and alcohol; hydrolyzed in water and decomposed when heated to 130°C; toxic and highly corrosive.
Application: Preparation of borofluoride; electrolytic industry; stabilizing reagent of heavy nitrogen, dissolution of sponge titanium and its alloy
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Product Description: 

Fluoroboric Acid is colorless liquid, with the melting point of -90 ° C, the boiling point of 130 ° C. It is miscible with water or alcohol. It is used for cleaning and corrosive agents for metal surface oxides, silicate membranes, and for cleaning of aluminum and alloys prior to plating. The Fluoroboric Acid is also used as a conductive liquid for lead-tin plating, and as a catalyst or metal surfactant as well.

Formula: HBF4
CAS NO.: 16872-11-0
M.W: 87.81
Properties: Colorless and transparent liquid, highly acidic, capable of being mixed with water and alcohol, hydrolyzed in water and decomposed when heated to 130°C, toxic and highly corrosive.



50% min
2.0% max
0.01% max
0.03% max
0.01% max
0.01% max

Application: The Fluoroboric Acid can be used in preparation of borofluoride, electrolytic industry, stabilizing reagent of heavy nitrogen, dissolution of sponge titanium and its alloy. 

Storage: Store in a cool, ventilating place. Prevent package from breaking and deliquescing.

Packing: in net 1200KG IBC Drum.

Hazardous details:
UN No.: 1775
Class: 8.1

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