Sintering Lithium Fluoride ISO Factory

Sintering Lithium Fluoride ISO Factory

Properties: It is a white powder, soluble in acid, hardly soluble in water, insoluble in methanol and propanone. Its relative density is 2.653. The melting point is 848℃. It reacts with HF to form LiHF2.
Application: It is for enamel, nuclear industrial, optical glass and battery industry, also as desiccant and soldering flux.
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Relying on the strong technical support of the R&D department, we are now one of the most reliable suppliers of Ammonium Fluorozirconate, Ammonium Fluoborate, Fluoroboric Acid in China. In the fierce market competition, we continue to explore and innovate and actively forge ahead. Customer satisfaction is our greatest wish. Our company is willing to work with you to carry out a heroic step towards a brilliant tomorrow. Before export of the product there is strict top quality control check during treatment as per international good quality standards. We're your reliable partner in the international markets of our products and solutions.

Product Description: 

The Lithium Fluoride Sintered is an alkali metal halide, which is white crystal at room temperature and slightly soluble in water. It is used in the nuclear industry, enamel industry, optical glass manufacturing, desiccant, flux and so on. It can be obtained by crystallizing lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide with hydrofluoric acid in a lead or platinum dish.

Formula: LiF
CAS No.: 7789-24-4 
M.W.: 25.94

Application: In the ceramic industry, the Lithium Fluoride Sintered is used to reduce kiln temperature and improve thermal shock resistance, wear and acid corrosion. It can be used as flux for metal welding with other fluorides, chlorides and borate. It is the basic component of the electrolyte of the fluorine electrolysis cell. In the high temperature battery, the electrolyte component is in a molten state, thus it can be used as a carrier in a breeder reactor. A large number of fluxes for aluminum and magnesium alloys are also used as additives for improving electrical efficiency in the electrolytic aluminum industry, as neutron shielding materials in the atomic energy industry, as solvents in molten salt reactors, such as used in optical materials, a transparent window made of ultraviolet light (transmission rate 77-88%).

Handling and storage:
Handling precautions: closed operation, local exhaust. Prevent dust from being released into the air of the workshop. Operators must be specially trained to strictly follow the operating procedures. Operators are advised to wear self-priming filter dust masks, chemical safety glasses, anti-poison penetrating overalls, and rubber gloves. Avoid dust. Avoid contact with oxidants and acids. Equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may be harmful residues.
Storage Precautions: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Protect from direct sunlight. The package is sealed. It should be stored separately from oxidants, acids and food chemicals, and should not be mixed. The storage area should be provided with suitable materials to contain spills.

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